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Environmental and Social Responsibility

We understand our responsibility to the environment and our community

Mission and Values

Our philosophy is a simple one – to provide customers with quality products, on time, at a competitive price, ensuring all requirements are met.

To help us achieve our goals and maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction, we apply 5 core values to every aspect of our operation:

1.  Customer Focused

2.  Quality British Craftsmanship

3.  Support the Local Community

4.  Build for the Long Term

5.  Continuous Improvement


At Lambson Building Products and Laminated Products we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We know a commitment to energy efficiency and a sustainable supply chain is key to reducing our carbon footprint and helping to maintain the environment for future generations.

Being one of the leading suppliers of timber products in the UK brings with it a great responsibility towards the environment. We are continually trying to improve the sustainability of our business, be that by investing in improved technology, energy efficiency and recycling throughout our manufacturing process or by sourcing environmentally safe and renewable materials in our supply chain.

EU Timber Regulation (EUTR)

The European Timber Regulation(EUTR) No.995/210 came into force on March 3rd 2013. The regulations were implemented to restrict the flow of illegally sourced timber into the European marketplace. Illegal logging has severe economic, environmental and social impacts around the world and as a respected and environmentally aware company, Lambson Building Products and Laminated Products take our responsibilities in this area extremely seriously.

In accordance with EUTR, as an ‘operator’ we have implemented a rigorous due diligence system, including the gathering of onsite evidence at the mill and concession, risk assessments of the local area and risk mitigation. We are fully committed to making every effort possible to ensure we only procure timber products from legal and sustainable sources.

Our focus on environmental responsibility has seen us reduce our environmental impact and it also means we’ve saved money for our business, our suppliers and our customers.

Anti-Slavery Policy

As a socially responsible company, Lambson Building Products and Laminated Products are committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in all of our corporate activities, and throughout our supply chain.

As business we take a strong stance on the issue of modern slavery and will terminate our partnership with any individuals or organisations that are found to be in breach of our anti-slavery policy.

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