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Lambson Go Green With New Biomass Heating System

Lambson Building Products and Laminated Products Move a Step Close to Being Carbon Neutral With New Biomass Heater.

The last twelve months have seen a major overhaul at Lambson Building Products and Laminated Products’ site in Castleford. Along with upgrading the warehouses and machinery in the workshop, the company has installed a biomass heating system and commissioned German manufacturer Votecs, to build one of their most sophisticated shredders to date, to feed it.

The Operations Director, David Bean said:

“The investment was a no-brainer really. It’s great from an environmental perspective and helps us reduce our carbon footprint but also with landfill and energy prices constantly on the rise, it made sense economically too.”

The idea behind all the recent improvements at Lambson Building Products and Laminated Products, has been to ‘futureproof’ their site and heating system was no exception. The system has been specified to heat the entire 80,000ft² factory, without reliance on other forms of energy, all year round. The system utilises waste wood from daily factory processes, so there will be a constant supply of fuel for the heater.

David continued:

“As an environmentally responsible company we’ve been looking at the viability of a biomass heating system for a while. The problem was sheer volume of waste material we were producing. We needed something that would handle the volume of shredding easily and produce the material size we wanted, exactly when it was needed. It also needed to be safe, we didn’t want anyone getting near it while it was working. In the end we had no choice but to ask Votecs to built us a custom machine with a much larger hopper, to prevent anyone getting close, and a conveyor feed that’s auto-sensing, stops when there’s nothing to feed and restarts automatically when it’s needed.”

The biomass system and shedder have been operating efficiently for up to six hours a day, every working day, for over six months with little maintenance required. The company has also added a fuel store that can sustain the heating system for fifteen hours, if the shredder ever has to be taken off-line.

David concluded:

“The entire system has been a massive success, it’s working better than we could have hoped for. It’s going to help the company save tens of thousands of pounds every year and it’s also helps us do our part to maintain the environment for future generations.”

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