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The Future of Lightweight Panel Systems

LammyLite is the Future of Lightweight, Wood Based, Panel Systems

LammyLite Blockboard and Plywood are the latest products to emerge from Lambson Building Products and Laminated Products ongoing weight reduction research and development. This program supports the Motorhome, Caravan and Marine industries in reducing weight without the loss of strength and stability.

Technical Projects Manager Gary Wilkinson said:

“Reducing weight without decreasing board strength is a huge focus of the company’s development work. When I joined the company, earlier this year, this product was already a long way on but just needed that last push to get it over the line.

“We’ve been developing LammyLite with our partners in the Far East for several years, and it’s been worth the effort because this product is unique and groundbreaking. Along with the weight saving benefits, the faces of LammyLite have been specially designed to be impact resistant, which is something you don’t get with your standard blockboards and plywood.

“We’ve created a product here that meets all the criteria our customer’s are looking for. I would’ve loved to have had this when I was designing (cara)vans, as the benefits are clear to see. For mobile homes there would be obvious fuel saving advantages, but the applications for LammyLite go far beyond this. Our product is strong, light and has fantastic moisture resistance, so can be used in campers, boats, offices, anywhere really. We’re even working with a customer to design a range of that quality feel, ‘chunky’ furniture, LammyLite is going to be a big hit.”

LammyLite has comparable strength and stability but can weigh as little as half that of standard MDF. The product is appropriate for a comprehensive range of uses, such as furniture production, table tops, kitchen worktops, floors and doors.

Available exclusively at Lambson Building Products and Laminated Products , in a range of sizes and thickness (12mm-50mm) and supplied in  decorative finishes from the company’s impressive stock of papers, PVCs and HPLs. LammyLite can be cut, edged, drilled, routered and shaped to meet any customer specification.

In accordance with the company’s environmentally responsible development strategy, LammyLite is manufactured from sustainable timber resources.